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How Much Will It Cost?

Mediation is a much cheaper option than going to court. Litigation is extremely expensive and will increase pro-rata with the length of the hearing.

Unlike going to court, you will also know in advance how much the mediation process will cost. The cost of mediation is also split equally with each of the mediating parties paying half each.

Effective December 2023

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting – 

£99.00 per person

FM1/C100/FORM A for court purposes

£49.00 per Form

Mediation meetings Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm

  –  £150 per person per session ( 90 minutes)

Mediation meeting out of office hours

Mon to Fri 5.30pm to 8.30pm  & Weekends - POA

Preparation of open statement of financial information –

from £60.00 per hour per person

Preparation of parenting plan –

from £60.00 per person

Preparation of memorandum of understanding –

from £60.00 per hour per person

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Mediation.... Keeping You In Control

Issues relating to the cost of legal services have made mediation an extremely attractive proposition for resolving separation, divorce and other types of dispute involving families. Most mediation companies operate using a sliding scale of charges that relate to their client’s incomes. Whilst this can be suitable for some clients it does involve some form of means testing that many find unacceptable. In view of this, Family Mediation Services believes it is fairer to work to a base hourly rate charge that is normally split evenly between the parties involved.

Parties considering mediation should also be aware that an additional charge will generally be applied following the conclusion of the mediation process.

This covers the preparation of two documents that the mediator is usually required to provide to each mediating party to take to their respective legal advisers to be officially ratified by the courts.

These are:

  • An Open Financial Statement (OFS) which is a detailed account of the financial situation of the mediating parties
  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that qualifies the resolution agreed between the parties

Clients will be advised on how much their mediation process is likely to cost once our trained mediators have had the opportunity to assess their individual circumstances. If charges are likely to change after the initial Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) clients will be advised.

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