National Family Mediation Services have offices all over the UK

Online Mediation - All You Need To Know

National Family Mediation Services have offices all over the UK

Online Mediation - All You Need To Know

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Now, It’s Possible To Mediate Through Skype!

When the face to face mediation is not an option for you, then online video conferencing can allow you to use the advancement of the internet to make the best possible agreement with your partner.

There can be many reasons, why people will not prefer to go for face to face mediation, like the cost of getting all the parties and the mediators in the same room is disproportionate for you or it is not possible for you to agree on the date and time they provide.


Online Mediation

Affordable, Cost effective mediation for fast resolution to your disputes

Due to all the above-mentioned reasons, online mediation has come into the picture, internet technologies like Skype or any other video conferencing tool are used for the purpose of online mediation. Although, Skype is the most preferable one for the people, as it is password protected and it provides free service. The mediation service should also have an account on that video conferencing platform and so does the other party. In online mediation, the only difference is that it is taking place through video conferencing, the rest of the things will remain the same as in a face to face mediation.
The time should be comfortable for all so that on the selected date and time both the parties are present. The whole process will be the same the only thing that will be different is that you will not be meeting the other party in person. You just require to fill a form for online mediation and rest will be taken care of by the mediation service. The mediation service will send you a mediation agreement and you can choose your mediator and read the terms in advance.
A few days before the mediation process will start, the mediation service will collect your Skype address and other details and then they will make a test call in order to check if the connections are working properly or not.In case if your lawyers are involved, then they can attend the mediation process from their own location via Skype and can conduct the mediation from there only.

Its So Simple!

So, now you know it’s really not that difficult to take part in the online mediation process. On the day of the mediation, you will be all prepared and with a private video conference call with your mediator, you can move further with the process.

If you don’t want to travel or just want to have a face to face conversation with your partner, then you must go for online mediation.