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Children caught in the middle of divorces


Helping Children Through Divorce

For children, divorce is an unsettling and often devastating life experience. It can signify the lack of a pretty future.

Divorce is a calamity that stands to shape and reshape children’s lives and change their perception of the world.

As a parent, your priority should be to make the process and its effects less painful for your kids.

The National Family Mediation Service offers professional mediation services that can help you and your children cope with divorce and its consequences.

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Child Inclusive Mediation

Unlike in Court where you must adhere to strict rules, NFMS offers you an opportunity to discuss your family differences in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our mediators are experienced in mediating separation and divorce cases. We prioritise in resolving the plight of children.

Our mediators understand that your children are innocent, and should, therefore, be protected from any unnecessary potential psychological conflict and distress.

With this in mind, their education, place of residence and sources of finance for their on-going welfare must be well planned prior to divorce in order for the smoothest of transitions to take place.

Our focal undertaking is to guarantee that your children acquire these resources in an atmosphere of security, tranquillity and love and do not feel neglected by either party.

Our mediation process also aims at reducing levels of animosity and misunderstanding between you and your partner (ex-partner) thereby ensuring that all parties can move on with their lives as quickly and as stress-free as possible.

When you are faced with the option of divorcing, always use our services. Our duty is to help you to avoid keeping your children in the middle of the crisis.

Choosing to involve children in the process may cause them unbearable pain, as they would prefer to love both of you.

Our team of mediators can help you to relieve your child from awkward duties such as joining you in spying and fighting your partner, and we urge all our clients to keep their children’s welfare paramount during divorce and separation.

Additionally, mediation provides a pressure-free opportunity for both of you to reconsider your decision to separate.

Though our mediators only facilitate the dialogue and do not act as judges or counsellors, they create a reconciliatory platform for both of you should you wish this and can help signpost you to a variety of services that may help in making your decision.

The mediators also offer help on ways to manage your independent lives, if you resolve to divorce.

Helping you to reconcile or live normal life after divorce eases tension among your children and helps them cope with the stress of dealing with a new family dynamic.

We guarantee to help your children even after divorce. We help our clients to identify red flags for serious problems that may affect their children after their separation.


Early recognition that anger, anxiety and mild depression are normal reactions to divorce, particularly during the early stages of separation.

However, these signs may persist and show the way for other complications.

Signs of sleep problems, withdrawal from loved ones and trouble at school or poor concentration may develop.

If you notice these signs, contact us for guidance on ways of coping with each specific problem.

Our objective is to help you and your children to lead highly productive lives while living either together or separately.

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