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How Family Mediation Works

how mediation works

How can the mediation process help me?

How mediation works for families?

Mediation can help you if you are going through a partnership or family breakdown or dispute. Family mediation can help by taking full control and responsibility for you in reaching an agreement without the need to involve lawyers and judges.

Results show that in most cases the parties are more open and candid during a mediation process and this usually results in a settlement being made that is acceptable to both sides.

Can Family Mediation Really Help?

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Alternative dispute resolution approved by the Ministry of Justice.
It is worth considering that the courts should always be the last resort in family disputes and should only be used when other attempts at a settlement have failed. The majority of mediations are successful & avoid the need to involve court action. As mediation is a voluntary process; you, the other mediating party, or the mediator, can terminate the process at any time if anyone considers that the process is unlikely to reach a satisfactory resolution.
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Will It Work?

We Can Never Agree.... Is it worth it?
Mediation can help if you and your partner are locked in dispute by providing an opportunity to discuss your differences in a controlled environment that is not subjected to the strict rules imposed by a court hearing. Mediation is particularly valuable in on-going disputes that have been created by a marriage or civil partnership breakdown especially when children are involved.
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Our qualified mediators can help you and your partner reach a satisfactory resolution in disputes that may include the contact and residency of children, personal finances, distribution of property etc and can help improve the levels of cooperation that exists between the parties. Mediation often leads to a reduction of hostility and a better understanding being established between those involved that often provides a more satisfactory conclusion than going to court.

How Mediation Works - What To Know:

Mediation.... Keeping You In Control

How mediation works!

Mediation is not a good way to get your ex back if you want to stop the divorce and save your marriage. However, you should not let mediation work against you. It might be the best thing for your marriage to happen, but it may also be the worst thing for you to get it done.

Your ex will not understand why you want to work out things. They will think that you are trying to manipulate them. This will make them suspicious of everything you say to them. This could even make them angry with you, which would further alienate you from your ex.

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My Ex Won't Communicate With me?

How mediation works when your ex partner wont engage –

Your ex does not want to work things out either. They feel like they are being forced into a deal by you. Your ex will think that you are holding them at ransom. This can make them feel as if they are doing something wrong.

Even if you can get your ex to stop the divorce, it still gives you a very good chance of getting yourself back together with your ex. But, chances are, you are not going to.

How mediation works – Your ex has been used to being in control of things. They feel like they are in charge of the situation. If you are able to give them that sense of dominance again, your ex is likely going to end up wanting revenge.

You should never try to force your ex to get back together with you. They are not the kind of people who will voluntarily do what you want them to. When you try to use manipulation on your ex, you are pushing them away from you in a way that will make them resent you. That is not what you want. Instead, you need to be nice to your ex and try to find a compromise that is beneficial for both you and your ex. If you really want to get your ex back, you have to do everything in your power to help your ex to get back together with you.

If you think that mediation is not the best way to help you and your ex get back together, you may want to consider other ways to resolve your marriage problems. You may find that a legal divorce is the best route to take How mediation works – or you may want to look into therapy or another type of alternative way to solve your marriage problem. Whatever you do, you should not make your ex feel like they are forced into anything.

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