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As our name implies, National Family Mediation Service is established specifically to provide specialised assistance to help you to amicably self-resolve family disputes through professional mediation without the need for costly legal fees and court intervention.


We are a motivated professional organisation offering high-quality; confidential mediation services in convenient locations in all the largest Cities across the UK to assist you resolve family and other domestic disputes without the need of suffering the stress and indignity of going to court.

Our qualified mediators deliver a constructive unbiased approach that is flexible and can be arranged at a suitable location that is convenient to you.

Stop Fighting - Save Your Family Relationships Today

How we can assist you to:
  • Deal with marital, common law and same sex partnership disputes
  • Resolve disputes involving arrangements with children following a marriage or partnership breakdown
  • Reach an agreement to resolve difficult situations without the need for court orders
  • Solve differences during and after divorce/separation involving property and joint financial matters
  • Reach a positive conclusion to disagreements in other family disputes