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National family mediation service in West Midlands

It is always better to take your family decisions by yourself especially separation or divorce. But with due course of time relationships get strained due to small disagreements. It eventually becomes a situation where spouses don’t feel likely to reach an agreement with discussions. They take the help of legal system.

The legal system of resolution is very complex in terms of the time and money it takes to reach out with agreements. During these uncertain times, family mediation service comes to your help to resolve the issues amicably with discussions. This is quite impossible without the involvement of such services. Read the whole article to know about the working procedure of family mediation service in West Midland and how they can be of great help of you.

We have family mediation offices in the following areas

Birmingham – Wolverhampton – Dudley – Solihull – Walsall – West Bromwich – Coventry – Stourbridge – Halesowen – Bilston – Tipton – Smethwick – Oldbury – Brierley Hill – Willenhall – Wednesbury – Edgbaston – Rowley Regis – Wednesfield – Meriden – Blackheath – Aldridge – Bloxwich – Brownhills –Bournville – Sedgley – Kingswinford – Northfield – Castle Bromwich – Allesley – Harborne – Darlaston

Reasons to use the family mediation service West Midlands

Parenting of children

Children are affected the most whenever there is a talk of separation in the house while they hardly understand about the repercussions of separation. When you approach the court, it awards the guardianship of the children to one of the spouses which may not be mutually agreeable. With the help of mediation service you can reach on mutually agreeable terms.

Other related issues of separation

There are various known and unknown issues which arise in the wake of separation. There are some issues which you wouldn’t like to talk about even. The professionals involved in the discourse can take you to the path of agreement without lingering further like court.

Financial support

As per the law, the husband always pays the alimony to his wife after separation. There is no need of paying alimony to the wife if she earns enough for her sustenance. When you talk on these issues properly, you get to know about the spouse who needs financial support. Mediation service helps you to decide on who should give financial support to whom.

Appointments at your ease

You can get full flexibility on getting appointments by the professionals. There is no need of both the parties to seek an appointment separately. If you are doing so, then it is better. If you are not able to meet the professionals in person, you can take part in discussions through vide conference.

Home and property

Both the spouses have equal rights on the family home and property. Some properties may be contentious in terms of the legal holder of that property. When you discuss about these property rights in front of the mediators, they help you reach an agreement which is mutually agreeable. There is no need to knock the door of a court and spend a lot of money.

Pension issues

Working spouses are entitled to get pensions after the retirement. It is quite justified for the spouse holding the guardianship of the children to get the higher share of the pension money. If this is not what you agree with, you can take part in the discourse to sort it out.

Role of mediators of National family mediation service

The sole job of the mediators is to see that both the parties agree on the issues to be discussed. They create an ambience where both the parties discuss the issues in pure belief. They cooperate with the clients and take great responsibility in resolving the issues. As the mediators are highly sensitive to these issues, they help the clients to overcome emotional sentiments while agreeing on issues. Acceptance of both the parties is of utmost importance to the mediators.

Video conference and off-hour assistance are some of the flexibilities that NFMS provides to its clients.

Type of people that NFMS benefits

The professionals of NFMS are highly experienced. They discuss on the issues in way which would be convenient and agreeable to both the partners. One session takes about one hour for resolving difficult issues.

Outcome of the discourse

When both the partners reach out on agreements on various issues, the professionals prepare written documents in the presence of both the spouses.

NFMS consultation is helpful for range of people

As the mediators work n the agreeable terms of all the members involved in the discourse, it helps all the members of a family. Sometimes, issues related to children are left to both the spouses and their children alone. The spouses explain their children about the arrangements in a friendly manner. Whenever there is a need, special sessions can be arranged for consultation of the children with the professionals.

We have family mediation offices in the following areas in the West Midlands – Birmingham, Wolverhampton,Dudley, Solihull, Walsall and West Bromwich.