West Midland family mediation Service

Family disputes do not have to be played out in dramatic and emotionally draining court room battles. This brings unnecessary attention to problems that can be solved in a much more discreet and harmonious way. Family mediation is a method of resolving conflicts that is being widely embraced. Family disputes concerning separation and divorce can be mediated and end in an amicable manner. Mediation helps a lot in issues of children, finances and property. Divorce and separation is not only about the husband and wife but their children, if any, are also involved. A court battle can be very traumatic to children because of the bile that rival parties are spewing against one another. Another issue is the issue of property and finances. Many a time, distribution of wealth after divorce is a contentious issue. West Midland family mediation is aimed at supporting you to reach a mutually acceptable compromise and a sound agreement concerning these contentious issues without so much bitterness and ill-feelings. Family mediation is voluntary and an out-of-court settlement. It is also confidential meaning that your dirty linen will not be aired in public. No one knows the nature of your dispute and the terms of agreement. What happens in this scenario is that there is a mediator who is unbiased and impartial, who does not have any affiliation to the parties concerned. A mediator manages and arbitrates the process ensuring that it is as constructive as possible. The mediation process is far quicker than endless court adjournments that you might face and it is a forward thinking process which considers the welfare of children and an amicable financial resolution. Of some of the benefits of choosing mediation are that it is much cheaper. The parties share the cost of one mediate instead of one person paying their own lawyer. This is because it is a collaborative venture and it is settlement focused. It is good to distinguish the roles of an independent mediator and those of a marriage counselor, they do not perform the same roles. It is assumed that your relationship has broken down and that you want to sort out crucial issues like finances and regard for your children.

Areas we offer family mediation in the West Midlands

West Bromwich – Oldbury Smethwick – Sutton Coldfield- Water Orton – Solihull- HalesowenWalsall- Dudley- Aldridge- Hampton in Arden- Barnt Green- Alvechurch- Knowle Bentley Heath- Hagley- Kingsbury- Pelsall – Stourbridge – Meriden – Shenstone – Bromsgrove Catshill – Brownhills- Wolverhampton- Blackwell -Fazeley -Tamworth – Birmingham West Midland family mediation has qualified mediators who brief the ex-couples on what they are to expect from the process. They are free to ask the mediators questions. This is done separately but if both of you agree to pursue family mediation as an option, a time and date will be set for the first session. A mediator experienced and conversant with your situations will take on your dispute. If they are financial issues, the ex-partners will be asked to complete a financial disclosure exercise. Family mediation works to reduce the conflict and focus on the benefits of the children. It provides an opportunity for children to convey their feelings if they are in a position to. This enables the separating or divorcing parents to fully appreciate the needs and conditions of their child. This makes the pain of separation less impactful for them and they understand the circumstances that they are involved in and how they can cope. If the ex-couples harbour hostilities and cannot face each other during the process, shuttle mediation is carried out. The dynamics and complexities of each dispute are varied so co-mediation can be carried out where two mediators are involved. At the end of the process, a complete summary report is compiled that outlines any agreements and proposals that came out of the mediation process. It may not be a legally binding document but for the finical part, it can be turned into a legal settlement by your solicitor. West Midland family mediation leaves no winners or losers, there is no one who can claim to have gained victory over the other like a court process. It leaves both parties with a workable compromise and agreeable options to work with.