Mediation Needs More Women in the Industry, Less Corporate Lawyers

If London is to compete with Singapore when it comes to mediation, well, they need a more diverse pool of mediators.

During the 1990s, training courses for mediators became popular in Britain. Since then, mediation had been successfully practised in the UK. However, sad to say, it wasn’t as diverse as it is compared to other fields as of today. It is still dominated mostly by males.

According to a non-profit organization, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, at least half of the population of those that are qualified to be a mediator is women. However, only fewer of these get to work in a more advanced group of mediators in Britain. Corporate lawyers have estimated that at least half of the cases that they deal with involve mediation. Even if it is about the issuance of claims, people would still go for a mediator that has “long histories in the law.” In short, they still choose male mediators instead of a female. Click here to see why you should choose us!

Take, for instance, the mediators at the top-performing Brick Court. On their website, you get to see the list of their mediators –most of them are over 50 years of age and are males. Probably, for some good (or maybe bad) reasons, in the long history of corporate litigation, the majority of the mediators here are men.  It might still remain true to some, but other firms are more dominated by the female workforce.

However, some women would choose to work as a mediator after a couple of years. Why? Well, a sit was mentioned earlier, most people would go for a mediator that had been in the profession for many years. Everywhere you go, practically, it is like the way it is, and it can be a matter of considerable regret for that field. Well, senior mediators will all reach that age of retirement, and during that time; hopefully, women will be the ones to reflect the legal profession. Click here to see the advantages in family mediation!

With this, it will not be long before that “change” happens. If London wanted to maintain being the “disputes centre,” they will need to diversify the pool of mediators. Seeing other countries changing bit by bit “what things have used to be” when it comes to mediation practices, London will undoubtedly be more diverse. They needed this more to keep their spot in the competition.

To diversify, the best suggestion for it is to hire people from other professions. Any person, with any professional background who wanted to work as a mediator, can indeed become one. However, it can become quite a struggle, especially in establishing a name in commercial litigation.

The mediation sector is highly dominated mostly by people who have backgrounds in the legal profession. Everyone knows how being autonomous in one field can hindrance its success. And having a diversified group, hiring great female mediators will enrich meditation practice in London.

At present, people might have seen only a handful of a female mediator, and it is okay. Clients are also becoming more diversified when it comes to choosing their mediators. Because of this, hopefully, it will bring a significant influence on London’s mediation industry.

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