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National family mediation service in the South East

National Family Mediation Service represents a professional organization motivated and determined to provide high-quality and confidential mediation services in the South East. Here, we are focused on assisting your family in resolving any domestic dispute or disagreement without the unwanted and unnecessary stress, indignity and suffering that comes from taking the matter directly to a court.

We have family mediation offices in the following Counties – Northamptonshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

With the help of the qualified and professional mediators, we aim to deliver an approach that is unbiased and flexible so that any meeting can be arranged in an adequate location in the South East.

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Reasons to use the family mediation service

Try mediation first

Family mediation is created with the purpose of providing you with the utmost comfort and effectiveness. That is also the reason why we regularly employ Skype and video conferencing. This way, we are easily able to commit to our clients not only in the South East but also in a wide range of different locations. With this possibility, even mediations that include parties outside of the country can be successfully resolved.

A support network for children

After it, even if the family issue is resolved in a civilized way, the children may end up emotionally scarred for life. This is especially true for children who are involved in the types of disputes that are concerned with the separation or the divorce of their parents.

Convenient location Nationwide

Simply put, with us, the issue of the geographical location of different parties is not a problem. In fact, we as an organization provide mediation services that are nationwide, but at the same time, the services are delivered at a local level. We arrange family mediation meetings in venues that are most convenient for our clients in the South East area.

Mediation is completely voluntary and free from biases

Here, at the National Family Mediation Service, we believe that we are very sensitive to the needs of all involved in a mediation process. At the same time, we strongly uphold the rule that it is not our place to cast any form of judgment any party about the issue who is wrong or right in any form of dispute. But, with this in mind, our professional mediators are specially trained to act in a sympathetic way, along with the presence of a total impartiality.

Time to suit you

We provide this service seven days a week, set during the day or in the evening hours, all according to the wishes of the involved parties. Here, we will listen to all of the concerns of our clients and work diligently to reach a place where a generally favorable agreement can be made in an atmosphere of openness and communication.

Moving forward

This way, the best possible practical solution can be attained in a quick process that includes the least amount of stress. Our services concerning mediation in the South East offer the ideal balance of less formal and a more affordable alternative to resolving any family dispute outside of a court system.

Workable solutions

In the case children are included in the process, we will make sure that they are provided with a completely safe forum where they would be enabled to discuss and elaborate their preferences and views on the possible resolutions of matters that relate to them. Naturally, an upheaval inside of a family is a very unpleasant experience, often so much that it ends up being a traumatic event for the children.

Type of people that NFMS benefits

A vast majority of people does not want to go to court, which is why mediation is a sensible, but also a more pragmatic solution. With it, any kind of dispute that affects a family can be settled. The same process actively encourages individuals and parties in the discussion to present their concerns in an open fashion. Because of this, there is no need for lawyers to intervene at any moment. This type of atmosphere is very useful for communication that precedes a mutually satisfying agreement. The openness and informality of the mediation are an essential reason why it became so popular and successful in resolving disputes.

Naturally, it is still necessary that any marital separation or a divorce are declared legal through a court process, but mediation has the ability to provide the most effective means of resolving any issue that appears between the partners. This agreement might concern property, financial disputes or child custody. Also, mediation is used for marriage and civil partnership that is about to be dissolved.

In the case you are a victim of any form of domestic violence, or if your property, you or your children are in danger, you are not obliged to attend Mediation Information and Assessment Information Meetings (MIAMS). Your case will be still heard in court, but the previous notion depends on the same court accepting this particular status. If the provided reason is deemed not adequate and the party skipped MIAMS meetings without any valid reason, the exemption will not apply.

For attaining the best mediation services in the South East, contact us and see how we can help you.

We have family mediation offices in the following Counties – Northamptonshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex.