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National family mediation service in North West England

Post divorce period can be quite troublesome for both the spouses and even the children. The status of childcare, finance and other aspects remain obscured. A solution seems to be a far cry.

Most of the problems regarding separation can be resolves through mediation. This is the sole process through which divorce can take place with discourse. Everything starting from finances to childcare and other things goes smooth in the presence of a trained mediator.

It is quite different from the public discourse or court. The discussions are kept secret from public. During the course of discussions, the mediator doesn’t tend to be biased towards either side.

He helps you to take appropriate decisions. Let’s understand why people of North West England should use family mediation service.

We have family mediation offices in the following Counties – Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside.

Crewe – Macclesfield – Chester – Northwich – Knutsford – Nantwich – Warrington – Ellesmere Port – Congleton – Carlisle – Alston – Grasmere – Keswick – Coniston – Brampton – Penrith – Kendal – Bolton – Bury – Oldham – Wigan – Tameside – Stockport – Rochdale – Wigan – Preston – Blackpool – Burnley – Blackburn – Morecambe – Accrington – Chorley – Borough of Fylde – Fleetwood –Skelmersdale – Liverpool – Birkenhead – Crosby – Southport – Formby – Bootle – Wallasey – Huyton – Prescot

Reasons to use the family mediation service

You would never want traumatic situations in your life before, during and after divorce

Separation or divorce involves life changing situation which can be devastating in your lives especially when children are involved. Sometimes sparks in rough relationship can lead to other unknown disputes following the breakdown. Small disputes should be resolved from the very beginning otherwise these may lead to catastrophic situations in your life.

The presence of qualified and experience professionals can be very comforting

The professionals who work in the family mediation service are highly qualified and experience. They are very sensitive towards separation and other issues in the family. They work as per the code of conduct and ethics of mediation process followed all over the world. The best thing is that nobody expect either f the parties get to know about any of the processes. Any third party gets to know about the processes with the consent of both the parties involved.

Mediation is the convenient and cost effective way of resolving separation disputes

With the help of mediation processes you don’t need to go to a lawyer to resolve your issue. The mediator comes to your place to participate in the discussion process. Both the parties involved in the process have complete discretion to choose the time and place of discourse. This is how things move fast and without involving the attorney cost.

Mediation is completely voluntary and free from biases

A mediator helps you reach at a decision through the processes of discussions. You are free to take decisions as per the outcomes of the discourse. The trainer involved in the processes gives impartial advices to both the sides.

NFMS is built to uphold the morale of ministry of justice

Ministry of justice has specified mediation as the alternative for resolving domestic issues. NFMS is working for the same cause to bring in peaceful settlements without involving further mental and financial strain to the parties involved.

Highly trained professionals help you take a strong decision for your life

All the professionals who work in NFMS are highly qualified and experienced. Most of the professionals are retired lawyers who have huge experience in the field. Apart from that they undergo training for handling you case of resolution through mediation.

Why choose NFMS in the North West England (National family mediation service)?

NFMS makes the whole mediation process quite convenient for you
When NFMS promises to make the mediation process convenient it means you can choose the time when you will be available. On the contrary, legal processes are done on the weekdays. You will end up spending all the leaves running to the court. You will start to use your work days as leaves. You won’t get paid for that. At the same time you will be spending huge amount of money. Nothing such takes places when you go through NFMS.

Video conference and off-hour assistance are some of the flexibilities that NFMS provides to its clients.

Type of people that NFMS benefits

  • Family mediation service helps young couples
  • Most of the times, young couples tend to separate due to some ongoing problems in their lives. Some couples have children and some have not. Mediation service can be helpful for both types of people.
  • Mediation for grandparents
  • When grandparents take decision to separate, it involves a lot of chaos in a family. Mediation proves to be highly success during such occasions. Mediators handle these cases to satisfactorily resolve all the issues.
  • Mediation works the best for children
  • Children are the worst suffers during separation of their parents. This is where the mediation services come handy.
  • You can search by location in North West England for seeking assistance of NFMS.

We have family mediation offices in the following Counties – Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside