Co-mediation Experience With Family Mediation Specialists

Mediation is fast becoming an important and effective alternative to enduring long, draining court cases when it comes to resolving conflict. Mediators are able to use their training and experience to ease people through difficult times and provide an easier solution to their issues, without the complications and expense associated with a more formal legal case. National Family Mediation Service is here to provide you with Newly Trained Mediators.

At National Family Mediation Service, we are specialists when it comes to family mediation and we are able to pass on our expertise to prospective family mediators by providing the crucial ten co-working hours required before they are permitted to practice as individuals.

As the National Family Mediation Service does not currently provide formal training directly, candidates will first have to complete a training course provided by a member of the Family Mediation Council.

There are no minimum educational qualifications required in order to complete the foundation course and obtain the necessary skills to be able to deal with aspects such as family conflict, law, and child welfare, so this profession is truly open to all of those with an interest in family mediation.

Once the foundation course has been completed successfully, National Family Mediation Service will then be able to assist you with your mandatory ten hours of co-working with an experienced mediator. This is essential for those intending to progress onto paid roles and ensures that you will be able to gain a valuable insight into how a professional family mediator carries out their role to the highest standard.


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