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All National Family Mediation Services mediators are fully trained to deal with the sensitive issues that arise from a divorce or separation especially in cases involving children.

While our mediators are appointed to deal with family disputes, some may specialise in either child related matters or financial areas of mediation, but all our members will demonstrate awareness and a wide knowledge of all family issues.

We also provide impartial and independent support services where mediation may be required for parents, schools, teachers and local authorities who may be in disagreement.

Unhappy With School Admissions

Unable To Resolve A Dispute With Your Childs School?

What if We Can't Agree?

This includes offering mediation to parents who may be in dispute over the choice of school for their child/children and for teachers who may be in dispute with parents, their school or local authority.

Our mediation professionals work to exacting standards. Each family mediator is appointed a Professional Practice Consultant (PPC) who acts as their supervisor/mentor throughout their career. The PPC’s role is to offer help, support and guidance to the mediator to ensure that the most impeccable, ethical and professional standards are maintained for the benefit of clients.

Our mediators have the expertise to take mediation sessions through video or Skype conference and have the experience to conduct sessions in your own home.

These types of sessions are good for those who live or work away or cannot make normal office hours.

Mediation training and the practice of professional standards is an ongoing process for those involved in the profession. Mediators are required to regularly demonstrate that they are maintaining the exemplary professional standards expected of them and to ensure they are keeping current with any changes in legislation.

The mediation profession is governed by the Family Mediation Council who liaise with Government and other interested parties such as the Legal Services Commission and the Ministry of Justice.

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