Mediation Services in Surrey and West Sussex to Help Navigate Divorce

The National Family Mediation Service is dedicated to helping families navigate the difficult process of divorce. Our services are offered in Surrey and West Sussex, providing mediation services to couples and families looking for an alternative to court proceedings. We understand the importance of resolving disputes in a respectful and peaceful manner, helping families to move forward with their lives.

The Necessary First Step for Reducing Conflict and Avoiding Divorce Court - Why You Should Consider Surrey and West Sussex Family Mediation Today

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a great way for couples to resolve disputes without having to go to court. The mediation process allows couples to discuss their issues in a calm and respectful manner, while having a mediator present to help facilitate the conversation. Some of the benefits of divorce mediation include:

  • A cost-effective solution that can reduce the cost of litigation
  • A confidential process that protects the privacy of the parties involved
  • An impartial mediator who can provide guidance and support during the process
  • A flexible process that allows couples to negotiate a settlement that works for both parties

How Divorce Mediation Works in Surrey and West Sussex.


At the National Family Mediation Service, we specialize in helping couples and families navigate the divorce process. Our experienced mediators use a variety of techniques to ensure that the couple remains in control of the process, while also helping to ensure that the process is conducted in a respectful and efficient manner.

The divorce process begins with an initial consultation where both spouses discuss their individual needs and concerns. This consultation helps our mediators to understand the unique dynamics of the couple’s relationship and identify potential areas of conflict. Once the initial consultation is complete, our mediators will work with both spouses to negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement.

Why Choose National Family Mediation Service at Surrey and West Sussex.?

At National Family Mediation Service, we are committed to providing experienced and skilled mediators to couples in Surrey and West Sussex who are going through a divorce. Our mediators are highly qualified, with experience in helping couples reach an agreement that works for them. We understand how difficult the divorce process can be, and we strive to provide a calming and supportive atmosphere during the mediation process. We are dedicated to helping couples find a resolution that meets their needs and allows them to move forward with their lives.