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Benefits Of Family Mediation

If you are getting a divorce, or splitting up with your spouse, family mediation will help you to sort out things and make the entire process easy and friendly enough. This type of mediation is not just cost-effective, but it is also a great way of handling the entire process of split-up or divorce. It helps you deal with the ramifications and avoid too much loss.

We have family mediation offices in the following Counties – Derbyshire ,Leicestershire,Lincolnshire,Nottinghamshire

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Reasons to use the National family mediation service East Midlands region

It is voluntary

The mediation is voluntary to the client, who is going through the divorce or split-up process, and the mediator. That means that you are not bound to the mediation to the end. You can withdraw from it whenever you want to. The mediator can also decide to withdraw from the entire process.

It doesn’t offer legal advice

Family mediation will not provide legal advice to the client. However, they mediator will identify if the legal advice is necessary, and they can give you further advice on how to handle the court-related cases.

It is confidential

Anything that you discuss with your mediator is considered legally privileged, which means that it can’t be used by your mediator or by the court outside the mediation process. However, this comes with some exceptions, like when there are any possibilities that the children will be harmed. Also, if the financial information could be linked to any proceeds of crime, then it can be disclosed.

It is cost effective

With this type of mediation, the parties will share the cost of a similar mediator. Compared to the family court that will need two lawyers, the family mediation tends to be cheaper. It doesn’t involve too much paperwork, like documents needed in the courtroom, or letter writing.

You own the decision making

The family mediation doesn’t make decision for the clients. The entire process is all about supporting and guiding the client to reach an agreement with the ex. The point is to bring the two parties to a mutual understanding. Throughout the process, you can seek solutions via enhanced communication and cooperation.

It is balanced and impartial

The entire process doesn’t favor any party. It is all about coming to a mutual understanding, and reaching an agreement that is fair and acceptable by each party.

Less stressful

When you want to split or divorce with your spouse, and you go through the court, you will go through a lot of stress. All this is due to the information needed, and the entire process. With mediation, it aims at finding solutions that are acceptable by each partner. It doesn’t focus on the cause of the argument, who is to blame, guilt, fear, and such stuff. It is all about making the two parties come to a mutual understanding and clear the hatred between them. With this, the client will not experience too much stress like they would through a court proceeding.

Type of people that NFMS benefits

Many people have proven that the adversarial litigation and negotiations are less satisfying than the family mediation. Those who go through the mediation process tend to come to a better understanding, which is fair and acceptable by each party. 

More control

With the family mediation, the clients make their decisions at free will. It is not like the court proceedings that the decision is made by the judge. The two parties can make the decision according to what pleases them. This way, they have more control over their situation, and decide what is good for them. 

It saves time

The entire process of family mediation is fast, and it doesn’t involve a lot of paperwork. All the settlements are made easily and faster in a short time. This helps you save time, and you can reach your agreement within a day. With the court process, there might also be the need for inviting a witness, which will take too much time, especially if the witness is not around.

Family mediation is all about making two parties come to an acceptable understanding, without any cases of blame or causing guilt. It is a friendly way of handling the divorce or split-up cases. The process gives the clients or participants a chance of choosing what they want.

We have family mediation offices in the following Counties – Derbyshire ,Leicestershire,Lincolnshire,Nottinghamshire