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National family mediation service in East Anglia

Split-up and divorce cases are best handled by a professional family mediator. The mediation process requires a proficient expert that will help clients settle their disputes with ease. Before you hire a mediator to handle your case, you must ensure that you find one who is fit for the job. You can do this by considering the qualities of that mediator.

We have family mediation offices in the following Counties - Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex

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Reasons to use the National family mediation service

Patience and Sensitivity

One thing that the mediator must have is the patient to listen and understand the condition of the client. The mediator should be able to wait for long enough, before the client makes up their mind. It is all about allowing the clients to end up with a mutual agreement. Also, the mediator should have the tact in developing and sustaining rapport between the clients and themselves.

Self-control and objectivity

Always ensure that you find an objective mediator, who should be perfect when they evaluate the information you give them. The family mediator must have a dispassionate and objective attitude. It is required that the mediator is calm, regardless of the emotional reaction, or the condition of the case.


This is another top characteristic that the mediator must have. They must offer professional and accurate services. The mediator should be able to handle and express complex concepts and situations. As you choose the mediator, ensure that they present themselves in a consistent and real manner. Suppose they promise to do something, the mediator must stick to the promise and fulfill it as mentioned. They should also give promises that are real and achievable.

Mediation is completely voluntary and free from biases

A mediator helps you reach at a decision through the processes of discussions. You are free to take decisions as per the outcomes of the discourse. The trainer involved in the processes gives impartial advices to both the sides.

Alertness and common sense

Alertness is another quality that the mediator must possess. They should be alert at all times when they are handling your case. During the mediation, the mediator must prove that they follow what you are telling them and show that they are following the entire story. This helps you trust a professional that hears you and is willing to help. The alertness of the mediator also applies in how the mediator receives the information. How you say, and what you say must be responded with alertness by the mediator.

Self control

The family mediator should also have self-control, even when the parties are irritating. The client might be frustrated with the entire condition, leading them to a bad attitude. It is the job of the mediator to help the client feel relaxed and less frustrated. This will happen if the mediator is calm and have a good self-control.

Highly trained professionals help you take a strong decision for your life

All the professionals who work in NFMS are highly qualified and experienced. Most of the professionals are retired lawyers who have huge experience in the field. Apart from that they undergo training for handling you case of resolution through mediation.
Type of people that NFMS benefits
  • Family mediation service helps young couples
  • Most of the times, young couples tend to separate due to some ongoing problems in their lives. Some couples have children and some have not. Mediation service can be helpful for both types of people.
  • Mediation for grandparents
  • When grandparents take decision to separate, it involves a lot of chaos in a family. Mediation proves to be highly success during such occasions. Mediators handle these cases to satisfactorily resolve all the issues.
  • Mediation works the best for children
  • Children are the worst suffers during separation of their parents. This is where the mediation services come handy.
  • You can search by location in East Anglia for seeking assistance of NFMS.


The family mediator must be as friendly as possible. As you are talking to the mediator, you should feel comfortable to share whatever you have in your heart. They should not be too serious when they are handling your case. You should feel like you are talking to a friend when you talk to the mediator. 

Empathy and Sympathy

Divorce and split-up can happen to anyone or any marriage. For that, the mediator should speak to you like they understand the situation. If you find one that shares how they had a similar case and how they handled it, it is even better. The mediator should have compassion when handling your case, which will help you to open up, and think through. 

Good Appearance and Conduct

How does the mediator dress? How does he/she speak? These are also things to consider as you are hiring your mediator. The mediator should look professional with their outfit, and they should also have a good demeanor. This will not just prove that you are dealing with a professional, but it also adds more credibility to the image of the mediator. 

Before you hire the family mediator, always check the company that they represent. Ideally, hire a mediator that represents a stable organization. Individual-working mediators might be good for the job, but they may not have a body that scrutinizes them to ensure that the client is served professionally. For that, choose a family mediation service company that has been in the industry for long enough.

We have family mediation offices in the following Counties - Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex