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Changes in legal aid mean that only the most serious cases will receive funding. Because of this those of you disputing, divorce, separation or family issues, you could face large legal bills.

This could be aggravated if you are unavailable during weekdays, because of work or other commitments.

If you fall into this category, you could also find yourself using up all of your annual leave entitlement, or worse still, find yourself hit harder in the pocket by having to take unpaid leave to attend solicitors appointments or court. The convenience of online mediation – it just makes sense!

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Alternative dispute resolution approved by the Ministry of Justice.
The National Family Mediation service can help you to minimise costs of divorce or separation, firstly by offering a court accepted method of negotiating your differences without having to involve solicitors in lengthy and expensive disputes, and secondly, we can offer an out-of-hours or video conference mediation service. Our mediation service itself can save you money as our rates are much cheaper than paying a solicitor to carry out the negotiations.
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Online Mediation

Can I Mediate online?
The mediation service has been working with the courts and solicitors since 2011, and with the changes to legal aid regulations it is likely to be used by more and more people. NFMS offers out-of-hours mediation and video conference mediation. Divorce and separation are stressful enough without having to go continuously to your employer for time off to sort out your personal problems; so, for those who just find it difficult to do anything in the working day because of their own career commitments, our out-of-hours service may prove ideal.


To help you resolve your dispute and save family relationships
We are offering a service where we can hold mediation interviews during the evenings or at weekends, whatever suits you. These sessions can also take place at your home, if you prefer it. As well as this service, we are also using video and Skype conference for mediation sessions. This will be particularly helpful for those who work away, who have moved away or have issues with being in the same room as those whom with they are in dispute. The National Family Mediation Service is determined to make, divorce, separation and family disputes, as affordable and stress free as possible.

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