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Child Focused resolution

Divorce and family separation can lead to unprecedented stress levels and even psychological anomalies to the affected parties. The situation intensifies especially when children are involved and custody issues have to be spelt out in the divorce or separation papers.

Confidential Mediation

National Reigate Family Mediation Service is a reputable mediation services provider that specializes in assisting despairing parties to solve family disputes without the mandarins and complexities associated with court rooms.

In essence it offers warring family partners an alternative dispute resolution channel that allows both parties to take charge of the negotiations and come up with a settlement that best suits them.

Additionally, it is important to note that the mediation process has legal basis since the Ministry of Justice approved it as a viable alternative dispute resolution method.

Your Local Mediators

To increase its market presence and serve its customers better National Reigate Family Mediation Service has opened a branch.

The sessions are tailor made to suit the needs of the clients and flexible enough to accommodate their schedules. In addition, the mediation can be carried out at any convenient time, any day during the week. With the use of video or video conferencing, we are able to commit to clients in a wider range of locations.

Transparent Approach

We listen to the concerns of all those involved and attempt to reach a favourable agreement by encouraging open communication between the parties.

When children are involved, they are provided with a safe forum enabling them to discuss their views and preference over how they would like matters concerning them to be resolved.


Here Are the Most Commonly Asked Questions - Answered About Reigate Family Mediation

The use of mediators has become much more common than it used to be. There are a lot of benefits to using Reigate family mediation. Let’s look at some of the benefits and compare them to other options available. Reigate family Mediation is an essential part of family law.

Reigate family Mediation can often lead to a positive outcome for both parties. When both parties are willing to take an active role in their own healing, then it will often result in positive results.

It is not uncommon for either party to express willingness to make a change or accept the problem they are facing. This usually occurs when the other person is willing to listen to and accept the issue at hand. Often, these are the same people who tend to argue, which causes problems in the first place.

Because mediators can also be used to assist in resolving disputes that occur in the legal system, mediation can work for both parties. This is a good thing because legal issues are often much more complex than personal disagreements.

Many times a dispute will involve a family who lives in different states. At times, only one person may have legal counsel, while the other party will likely have no representation. In this situation, mediation can work well, especially when an agreement can be reached.

Mediation is also an effective option for those who do not want to pursue litigation. Instead of spending a lot of money on legal fees, attorneys, and depositions, it is often much easier to settle out of court.

All parties involved may be able to agree to a specific amount and time frame. Then, they are on their way to being able to work toward a resolution that both sides are happy with. This will often end up saving the parties’ money in the long run.

Find out more about the Government Voucher Scheme here. 

Some people prefer to have their own mediation session, so that they can be in total control of the process. In many cases, you can actually end up losing control over the process if the mediation isn’t structured correctly.

If there is too much mediation going on, the person is likely to start feeling uncomfortable. In order to keep from feeling disrespected, many people prefer to participate in a small number of sessions.

Even if you are not able to reach a strong solution within one mediation session, the process will likely continue until a resolution is reached.

This is because you can re-evaluate your thinking and your needs as the sessions progress. It is usually quite easy to determine what changes need to be made before the session’s end.

Mediators can also be called upon if a couple is unable to work out a resolution at the mediation session. In this case, it would be best for the parties to be at the same location and even more importantly, at the same location during the whole process.

This would make it easier for the mediator to be able to answer any questions and help you understand what is needed at each step of the process.

If you are looking to resolve a problem that is frustrating and complicated, you should consider some of the many different options that are available to you. Many people find that using mediation is the best choice, especially if it leads to a positive outcome. Of course, it will take some time to try all of the different options and decide which is the best.

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It used to be the case that Reigate family mediation was seen as an optional extra in a divorce case. However, that is not true any longer. You will now have to attend special meetings under a new provision of the Children and Families Act, 2014, which came into force much earlier this year.

The implications of this law are now being felt in the courts, and most importantly by mediation services, which have seen an increase in demand.

The changes to this law now make it absolutely a certainty that you will have to attend MIAMS (Mediation and Assessment Meetings) preceding the progression of a divorce to the law courts (that is, if you have no special mitigating circumstances).

This change is now in full effect, and you should seek advice before going ahead with any legal arrangements.

Mediation is an essential part of family law.

  • Handle conflicts arising from heterosexual, homosexual, and lesbian unions
  • Settle disagreements over custody and visitation after a divorce or breakup of a domestic partnership
  • Come to an understanding in order to address sticky problems without resorting to the legal system.
  • Find a way to compromise on issues of shared property and finances that arise during and after a divorce or separation.
  • Successfully resolve other lingering family disagreements

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The firm has a satisfactory customer appraisal track record having successfully mediated various family disputes to the satisfactory of all the parties. Some of the key areas that we have gathered experience include but not limited to:


From our experience divorce or separation involving children tend to be very emotional and sensitive as the children’s interest are paramount. In order to ensure that the voice of the children is represented in the Reigate family mediation process, they are provided with a safe forum to express their views and preferences in regards to the matters under scrutiny. This also has the intrinsic benefit of assisting the children to cope with the traumatic experience and come to terms with reality.

Keeping with our culture, the National Reigate Family Mediation Service office i provides a holistic and pragmatic family dispute resolution alternative that is all inclusive.