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Child Focused resolution

A family upheaval of any kind can be an extremely traumatic experience for everyone involved. This can be more pronounced when children are included especially if the dispute concerns the separation or divorce of their parents. At the National Central London Family Mediation Service we are sensitive to the needs of all participants.


Confidential London Family Mediation

Central London Family Mediation are a highly motivated and professional organisation that provides high-quality, confidential mediation services in London.

Our goal is to assist you in settling family and other family disputes so that you do not have to go through the debacle of going to court, which can be both challenging and disappointing.

Our trained mediators will provide you with an approach that is both constructive and objective; it will also be flexible, and it will be possible to organise it to take place at a suitable time that is convenient for you.

Your Local Family Mediators

We are able to give our services on a local level and can organise family mediation in convenient places within Central London, despite the fact that we provide our mediation services to families across the country.

We are able to commit to clients in a wider range of places since we are able to work with them six days a week at whatever time of the day or evening that is most suitable for you. Additionally, we are able to do this through the use of video or Video conferencing.

Transparent Approach

We listen to your concerns – and to others involved in your dispute – and attempt to reach and by encouraging open communication between the parties we aim to reach an amicable resolution that is favourable to those concerned.

When children are involved, they are provided with a safe forum enabling them to discuss their views and preference over how they would like matters concerning them to be resolved. Covering Central London Call Us Today

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Our Central London Family mediation services

Central London Family Mediation - Saving Relationships & Money

London Central Family Mediation is often an effective means of helping people who are experiencing difficulty in communicating or resolving conflicts.

Provide a less formal, much cheaper alternative to resolving a family dispute in court. Nobody wants to go to court – so mediation can be seen as a sensible and more efficient way of settling various kinds of disputes that are likely to affect families. Because mediation encourages each individual involved to discuss their concerns openly without the need for lawyers to intervene, it is an extremely beneficial way for the parties to communicate and to reach agreement.

The informality and openness of mediation is fundamentally why mediation has become a successful and popular way of resolving disputes with our mediator.

It is still of course necessary for a divorce or marital separation to be made legal through the court process, but mediation has proved to be the most efficient means of settling relating issues that evolve. This may be to reach an agreement over access and arrangements for children, property and financial disputes arising from a marriage or civil partnership that has dissolved.

Central London family mediation is an effective way to resolve the conflict between you and your partner. It usually uses a neutral third party to help the two parties to resolve their differences. It helps people to reach a compromise that is acceptable to both parties. Mediation is one of the most effective ways to settle conflicts in the UK.

If you want to use mediation services  then you need to ensure that you select the right Central London family Mediation Service  that is well equipped to deal with the different types of cases that are common in London. However, it will be best if you can appoint a mediator that is experienced in resolving different types of conflicts. This will help your case to be handled properly.

They usually offer various kinds of services like employment mediation, divorce mediation, conflict resolution, and disputes with regard to domestic issues, family issues, and child custody. However, before you approach them, it is important for you to think about some of the issues that are common in your situation.

First of all, make sure that you understand all the fees that you will have to pay to the mediators. Then, find out the number of hours that you will be required to spend in the course of the mediation. The usual charges for these services range from ten to twenty-four hours.

Dispute resolution is a process that involves the parties who are involved in the dispute to meet and discuss their respective grievances. The mediator will help them come up with a mutually accepted solution. The mediator is always neutral and neither side can convince the other of their claim.

In this kind of case, the parties have to deal with each other, which is very difficult. With the help of a mediator, they can overcome this difficulty and resolve their disputes. A mediator is experienced and it is not easy for the parties to argue with them. This helps the parties to avoid arguing and coming to a compromise.

Mediation services can be contacted in London for mediation of a business case, a divorce case, and a consumer complaint. The Mediation Service that you choose can even be chosen for mediation of a conflict between a partner and a co-worker. Even if you are fighting over a minor issue, it is best if you approach a Mediation Service London so that they can get the disagreement out of the way as soon as possible.

There are many other reasons why you should hire a Mediation Service in London. Your Personal Injury lawyer or your lawyer can help you decide what type of mediation service to use and what kind of service to use. By contacting a mediator, you can take control of your case and decide what to do next.

Speak to Our Team to see if you are able to claim Legal Aid as well and talk through the mediation process

It is very important that if you are getting divorced that you are fully appraised of changes to the law. A very significant change happened earlier this year that you should be aware of

An alteration to the Child and Families Act of 2014 means that you now must undertake mediation, and have evidence of attending MIAMS (Mediation Information and Assessment meetings) if you want to go to court to proceed with your divorce.

This is a statutory change and there are very few ways that you can get out of attending this sort of meeting. Of course, you should always undertake specialist guidance before making a decision.