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Child Focused resolution

A family upheaval of any kind can be an extremely traumatic experience for everyone involved. This can be more pronounced when children are included especially if the dispute concerns the separation or divorce of their parents.

At the National Family Mediation Service we are sensitive to the needs of all participants.

Confidential Cambridge Family Mediation

We are a highly motivated and professional organisation that provides high-quality and confidential Cambridge Family mediation services . Our goal is to assist you in resolving family and other domestic disputes so that you do not have to go through the ordeal of going to court, which can be both stressful and embarrassing.

We are able to commit to customers in a broader variety of places thanks to the utilisation of video or Skype conferencing, which enables our skilled mediators to give a constructive and unbiased approach that is adaptable.

Your Local Mediators

We may organise Cambridge family mediation at a time that is convenient for you – seven days a week at a time of the day or during the evening that most suits you and the other parties in your disagreement. Although we provide mediation services on a national scale, we deliver them on a local level.

Transparent Approach

We listen to the concerns of all those involved and attempt to reach a favorable agreement by encouraging open communication between the parties. When children are involved, they are provided with a safe forum enabling them to discuss their views and preference over how they would like matters concerning them to be resolved.


Here Are the Most Commonly Asked Questions - Answered About National Cambridge Family Mediation Service

It is however not our place to cast judgments over who is right or wrong in any dispute.

Nevertheless, our mediators are trained to act sympathetically and with complete impartiality so that the best practicable solution can be reached quickly and with the least stress. Cambridge Family mediation.

Our Cambridge family mediation services  provide a less formal, much cheaper alternative to resolving a family dispute in court. Nobody wants to go to court – so mediation can be seen as a sensible and more efficient way of settling various kinds of disputes that are likely to affect families.

Because mediation encourages each individual involved to discuss their concerns openly without the need for lawyers to intervene, it is an extremely beneficial way for the parties to communicate and to reach agreement.

Our Services are very Cost Effective compared to Court. The informality and openness of mediation is fundamentally why mediation has become a successful and popular way of resolving disputes.
Read about the Government Voucher Scheme.

It is still of course necessary for a divorce or marital separation to be made legal through the court process, but Cambridge family mediation has proved to be the most efficient means of settling relating issues that evolve.

This may be to reach an agreement over access and arrangements for children, property and financial disputes arising from a marriage or civil partnership that has dissolved.

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Mediation assessment meeting CAMBRIDGE (MIAMS)

If you believe that you are the victim of domestic violence, or that you, your children or your property are in danger then you will not have to attend MIAMS (Mediation Information and Assessment Information Meetings).

You will still be able to have your case heard by the court. This does depend upon the court accepting this status. In the vast majority of cases the change to the law earlier in 2014 this year means that you will have to attend MIAMS meetings if you want the case to go to court.

Courts will now not listen to cases where the parties have skipped MIAMS meetings without due reason or an exemption applies.

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